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All Rick Serling Golf instruction books come to you as pdf files
That helps to keep the price down!!

It also means that you have 2 ways to study:
1  Study on your computer
2  Print out the pages in black and white on your home printer for about a penny-a-page!

The 30-Minute Golf Lesson  Focus Editions

Created specially for: Beginners, High-Handicappers & Intermediate Golfers

Created exclusively by:

/ Rick Serling /  Teaching Professional    Golf Product/Program Development

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3 different outstanding instruction manuals.

Focus sections from Rick Serling's - The 30-Minute Golf Lesson

3 key parts of your golf game:  Pre-Shot Basics & Routine   The Full Swing   Chipping & Putting

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Here is a typical instruction page

All photos accompanied by short, well-placed notes

2 Fill out the Order Form and send it to us

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Total-Photo Golf Instruction

> No long, hard reading.
> Excellent for 12 yrs old and up.
> Great for Adults and Adults 
who are teaching kids.

3 Focus Editions to Choose

> Pre-Shot Basics & Routine
> The Full Swing
> Chipping & Putting

Once you place your order you will receive a code by email to download your book.

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Full Swing






Basics& Routine


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If so, when you are in the cart - after ordering everything you are going to order and you are checking out - click on the words in the lower left part of the cart where it says: Enter

a promo code and enter the code from your gift certificate.

If your order total is greater than the amount of your certificate, pay the difference with any major credit card.

If your order total is less than the amount of your certificate, you will receive a new promo code via email, to use on your next purchase.


1  Payments are made thru PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account. Simply check out as a guest. The payment process is totally secure.

2  Quantities of any item ordered can be adjusted in your cart.

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