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Teaching Professional

Golf Product/Program Development

Created exclusively by:

Your customers are:

(1)  Companies putting on Golf Events 

(2)  Tournament Boards of Directors

(3)  Tournament Committees.

Here is something they can really make use of...

And it will be a big plus to your tournament package.

From Rick Serling Golf comes the new Goody Bag/RSG Exclusive Products Program. 

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Ask yourself this question...

What does every tournament committee request from every tournament participant?

Something for the goody bag, of course! 

Now... as an add-in to your package...

you can help them out, with something

completely different!

Rick Serling Golf, has got eight exclusive

new goody bag items, that they won't find anywhere else:

The Tournament Directors Program

This program won't cost you a cent

And... you don't do any selling...

only suggesting to your customers.

Tournament customers will love the

products and affordable prices!

We do all the work

Sell-through and handling of all orders

and fullfillment is our responsibility.

Let us know what you need

We have a strong Marketing & Design crew in-house.

Tell us what support materials, physical or electronic,

you'll need to add this to your program package.

A nice bonus for you

You receive a 10% commission

on every sale we make.

Once you have had a chance to

review the products and program, let's discuss how this can enhance

your packages:

You'll get a personalized program webpage

where you can refer your customers

You'll be able to give them a direct link.

> Inexpensive

> Creative

> Strong promotional quality

Great customer promo items that will also showcase their company information.  

Golf Fun & Leisure Products

> Rick's golf bag tags

> Rick's golf koozies

> Rick's golf coasters

> Rick's golf stickers

> Rick's golf towels

Golf Instruction Products

> The 30-Minute Golf Lesson -  

   Focus Editions

> Quick-Fix Photo Golf Tips pocket guide

> Putt Line putting learning tool



2 Fill out the Order Form and send it to us

Thanks! Message sent.

From Rick Serling Golf comes the new Tournament & Events Materials

And in addition we now have event materials available for you or your customers

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