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Rick Serling's first career, spanning 25 years, was in the Advertising business, where

he worked as a Creative Director for various Advertising agencies and Promotional firms. 


His Professional Golf Instruction career, spanning 21 years, began In 1996, as he spent 5 years in a PGA in-field mentoring/training program conducted by Class A PGA teaching professionals, Ken Kallestad and Lynne Stone. He passed the PGA PAT in 2003.


As Rick built his practice, he also developed a group of Golf Products:



(1) Instruction Products for: Beginner, High-Handicappers & Intermediate golfers.

(2) Fun&Leisure Products for: All golfers!


A proprietary, exclusive line of effective promotional products and programs for:

(1) Businesses, Business Golfers

(2) Golf Course Tournament Directors

(3) Tournament Organizer Companies.

Created exclusively by: 

/ Rick Serling /   

Teaching Professional    

Golf Product/Program Development


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